RFID Quick Scan

Scan single or multiple tags simultaneously

Read qty

Read multiple tag info simultaneously


Long range read

do not need visibility or close range focus to read RFID



Tag is tiny and thin, it can be embedded into product packaging and still readable

System application--Success cases

Public Sector

Vehicle Gear Management System

RFID Assets Management System

Plant information management system

Warehouse management system

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Private Sector

Construction site access control system

Jewellery security and inventory management

hotel laundry and staff uniform management

RFID smart library

RFID Medical Test Tube Management

Animal fur tracking system

RFID Vehicle Collision Avoidance

Acousto-Magnetic Anti-Theft System

RFID exhibition guest management

Smart Nursing Home

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Software development

Small-scaled Asset Management System:


NFC traceability & tracking system:

Frontend APP


Backend Web


RFID Asset Control Management:



Web Backend


Access Control System:


RFID Laundry Management:


Vehicle Gear/Tools Management System


mobile phone/tablet wireless control



RFID Labels and Tags

RFID Hardware

Our Technology Edge


Autonomous development on custom specific software programming


provide integrated RFID technology and solution scheme, which include on-site studies, select and install effective hardware, customized software, user guide, tests and after sales service.