RFID Notepad


Handheld tablet terminal products. The product supports the product using eight-core 1.5G clock speed, supporting Android operating system, 4G full Netcom, barcode scanning, power infrared, laser infrared, high frequency, ultra high frequency, PSAM card, power security unit, GPS\Beidou, Bluetooth, WIFI, front and rear dual cameras and other functions. According to ergonomic design, the appearance is small and exquisite, the protection level is high, the operation is simple, it is easy to carry, and the flexibility is high. It is suitable for working under various environmental conditions. Mainly used in power meter reading operation and maintenance, logistics, asset management, warehouse management, library management, financial escort management, production management, ticket management and other fields.

Eight-core 1.5G main frequency
Android 5.1 system
Support RAM 3GB, ROM 32GB mass storage
IP67 high protection level
8-inch color capacitive screen, visible in the sun
4G full Netcom, support GPS/Beidou dual mode
8 million front cameras, 13 million rear dual cameras