RFID Fix Reader


IoT smart RFID reader

Using Impinj INDY R2000 high-performance RFID chip, running Android 9.0 operating system. 4 ports/8 ports are optional. 2GB RAM and 16G ROM capacity, can support offline work of 40,000 tags. It has wireless functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, USB, RJ45, RS232 and I/O communication interfaces, and POE is optional. In addition, it can also be connected to the display through the HDMI interface.

Using Impinj R2000 chip platform
Open development environment based on Android operating system
Support MQTT to provide real-time and reliable messaging services for connecting to cloud servers
Support HTTP POST communication, can directly send label data to web URL
Supports sending label data directly to the specified database
Rich communication interface: RJ45, RS485, Wiegand, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G
Industrial, easy-to-install I/O port connector
Support antenna port detection, online update, RSSI and tag data filtering


Advanced fixed RFID reader for commercial environments

The new FX7500 fixed RFID reader introduces advanced RFID radio technology to achieve faster, more accurate reading rates and more stable performance even in challenging environments. New radio technology and more flexible, Linux-based
The latter integrates the necessary tools and open standard interfaces to facilitate the deployment of RFID and back-end applications.

In the end, this fixed RFID reader sets a new performance standard — better performance at all times, with lower average cost of reading points, higher sensitivity and stronger immunity.

Enrich the functions of your RFID device


FX9600 fixed RFID reader support