RFID Smart Cabinet


RFID smart cabinet system: Put the managed items into the cabinet for centralized management, which can support functions such as regular and quick inventory, adding items or lending records, and anti-theft. At the same time, according to the requirements of the specific project, the authorization rights of the administrator and fingerprint unlocking can be added. Help users easily manage important assets. It is often used in the management of electronic power tools, police tools, bank mortgage real estate deeds and related high-value files, file management, etc., which greatly improves inventory efficiency, prevents loss, and makes searching easier. It is one of the ideal asset management methods for modern enterprises, governments, and public management units.

Unique modern design, high-quality metal shelves.
Safe and reliable: the cabinet is made of 1.0mm thick steel plate.
The surface is pickled and phosphated, rust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static, durable, safe and environmentally friendly.
24-port card reader, using Impinj R2000 chip, remote super multi-tag reading performance.
Fully integrated and multifunctional.
Applicable to file inventory, file tracking, books/files, equipment rental management, etc.;
Environmental spraying, zero formaldehyde: no fading, no paint, no rust, safe and healthy